AYB Yachts Classified, with memberships totaling over 360,000 yachting enthusiasts, is probably the largest of is kind in the world.

Designed for Yacht Brokers by Yacht Brokers to make it quick and easy to display listings ieffectively and economically n the largest marketplace in the internet with over 2.8 billion members.

You do not need to join to be able to view the listings and contact the sellers, in fact millions of visitors view our listings.

Anyone can join, but only members of AYB may post in these groups.

(the rules for each of the 40 groups is the same).

If you wish to post, join “Yachts for Sale” first.

In fact “Yachts for Sale” is the headline class and members should post everything here first, before copying to other classifications.

(So if you like browsing an “UN -classified” collection of yacht and boat related items,

then “Yachts for Sale” is the group for you.)

Qualifying Yacht Brokers* can join AYB as an “AYB Broker”

Any other Marine Leisure Professional can join as an “AYB Trader”

Join AYB

Almost all of our members are here to choose a yacht to buy. Here is an unsolicited statement that explains why so many choose YACHTS CLASSIFIED

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