Noam Freeman

Straw Goose has been continuously cruising the London network for 10 years. She has been lovingly maintained and adapted for a live-aboard lifestyle. With yearly engine services and additional works carried out as required. Last service – September 2022. The hull has been blacked in 2013, 2016 and lastly in November 2021. (delay for last blacking caused by the boatyards being closed during the pandemic). A survey was carried out in 2013 and 2016 and the hull found to be in good condition. These reports are available to view. In 2021 the hull was inspected and found to be in good condition so blacked and two new anodes added without another survey being carried out. Current Boat Safety Certificate is valid until 2025. (a survey carried out by prospective buyer in May 2023 found there to be no remedial steel works to be carried out on the base plate or hull sides) Works carried out by me: Solid oak floor fitted throughout (2016) 2 inspection hatches added (2016) New galley (brushed brass tap, belling oven, 4 gas hobs, walnut worktop) (2016) Boatman stove installed (vermiculite fire board behind tile surround) (2019) Gas heater in bedroom for instant warmth (does not comply with boat safety – can be removed before sale if buyer does not want it) Pine slatted bed made to measure (2016) Sofabed by Made (2021) Reclaimed scaffold board shelves and kitchen workspace (2021) Small bath with brass taps and shower fitting (2016) Compost toilet (waste can be collected by https://www.circularrevolution.org/ – so not necessary to compost yourself) Whale gulper water pump (2022) Buffalo boards for stern (2021) New hatch and gas locker cover (2022) Starter motor and alternator both replaced (2019/2020 ish) Gearbox reconditioned (2022) Throttle cables replaced (2022) 2 solar panels added and small one for starter battery To arrange a viewing please contact AquaTrader below: Phone: +44 7415 732667 Email: enquiries@aqua-trader.co.uk

Ware, England

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