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Welcome to YACHTS CLASSIFIEDS the most powerful Yacht Broker’s Listing Platform ( https://classifieds.yachts )

Welcome to MILLIONS of yacht interested VISITORS

Welcome to 450,000 plus yacht-centric members of our 40 groups on Facebook (Thousands more join every week ! )

Everyone is welcome to browse. BUT if you COMMENT No links, images or adverts, just sincere questions from interested buyers.

One main reason Yachts Classifieds groups are so popular with Yacht Buyers is they feel safe in the knowledge that only AYB Brokers and Partners are allowed to post here.

Everyone of those posting has undertaken to deal fairly and always disclose all relevant information about what they are selling.

(If you know of any post author who is not an AYB Broker or Partner, please message us immediately with a link to the post fraudulently misrepresenting the author, so we may investigate and, if deemed appropriate, prosecute.)

This is a Yacht Brokers’ listing platform, with other Marine professionals also allowed to post.

If you are not an AYB member you must first apply to join AYB at https://aybro.com/join

Designed, Built and Administered by

“Associated Yacht Brokers” A.Y.B.

For Yacht Brokers and other Leisure Marine Professionals to sell.

In the “Yachts for Sale” group ONLY you can post ANYTHING boat-related, including boats, yachts, motors trailers, services and chandlery.

It is our only UN-CLASSIFIED group!

You should always write your post in Marketplace and then share to YACHTS FOR SALE and other appropriate groups you have previously joined in Yachts Classified.

You can ONLY sell AS YOUR “PROFILE” . Facebook won’t let “PAGES” Sell or even SEE items for sale in Marketplace For Sale Groups!

So join AYB as yourself, not a company.


The group language is English, but your advert may be in the language of the country you boat is berthed.

(Foreign posts will normally be translated automatically to the members language)

(be careful entering LOCATION, your advert will target Facebook users in that location)

AYB members may enter unlimited different boats.

Make sure your boat fits the title of the group you post in or it will be deleted.

Invite each of your facebook friends to like your post.

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