ONLY A.Y.B. Brokers and A.Y.B. Partners may post in this group.
Welcome to millions of visitors
Welcome to over 660,000 members of the 40 Groups in the unique Yachts Classifieds network on Facebook

Everyone Is welcome to visit and join this group and It Is free of charge to visit and to post.
Posting here Is a privilege reserved exclusively for AYB Brokers and AYB Partners.
It Is one of the many benefits created by Associated Yacht Brokers for AYB members.


This group Is one part of a unique system “YACHTS CLASSIFIEDS” which includes a network of 40 classified yacht sales groups on Facebook .

The system’s structure Is supported by an unusual set of Rules, which are the same for each group in the network.

The system Is implemented when members apply the method from the illustrated Guide on the Yachts Classifieds website.

This classified organisation of high quality listings, has resulted in group memberships totalling over Six hundred and Sixty-thousand in just two years.

Yacht Brokers and other Leisure Marine Professionals are welcome to apply to join Associated Yacht Brokers at
The rules are unusual to ensure consistent professional listings. They will help professionals to maintain excellent selling standards.~
If you want to sell your own yacht, message an AYB Yacht Broker who is actively advertising for sale here.~
The group language is English, but your advert may be in the language of the country where your boat is berthed.
Foreign posts will normally be translated automatically to the viewing members language.
Be careful entering “LOCATION”, your advert will automatically appear in the daily feed of Facebook users in that location.
AYB members may enter unlimited DIFFERENT posts.~
Make sure your post fits the title of the group you post in or it will be deleted. _________________________________________
Invite each of your Facebook friends to like your post.~
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